New Guabuliga Market
Guabuliga, Ghana

Based on field research conducted in markets throughout Ghana in 2018, the project team designed an iconic modular market structure that is aimed at attracting traders to the remote town of Guabuliga. At one end of the Guabuliga Greenbelt, a no-building zone that connects the town centre to the adjacent riverbed, the market is also a response to the need for new vocational training and commercial activities such as handicrafts and food hawkers. By strengthening the socio-economic performance of the community and attracting a trade environment in this rural town, the market is also designed to counter the general trend of migration from rural to urban parts of Ghana. It comprises a floorscape and roofscape that respond to programmatic, climatic, and urban parameters and includes an integrated water source, built furniture and flexible display options. A market shop for locally made products evokes traditional grain silos in the region.  

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Guabuliga, Ghana
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Completed 2019
634 m²
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