Institution of the Kingdom Mediator HQ
Rabat, Morocco

The national institution of mediation provides facilities for the defence of the rights of all Moroccan citizens. An open, screened courtyard provides the public entrance to the L-shaped plan on five floors; the ground floor contains a multipurpose hall and reception, waiting, and information areas; the upper floors contain meeting rooms, training rooms, a canteen, and offices. The structure is concrete; infill walls are glass-reinforced concrete panels. All of the exteriors of the upper floors feature perforated marble screens that serve as mashrabiyya to temper the harsh sunlight, and the design of the building is conceived as a contemporary interpretation of traditional medinas.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Rabat, Morocco
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Completed 2019
6'676 m²
Variant Names
Institution Du Médiateur du Royaume (Siège)
مؤسسة وسيط المملكة (المقر)
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