Summer Houses
Kotor, Montenegro

Nestled amid mountain foothills, the plot is adjacent to the clients’ own holiday house. The initial brief was for four single-storey houses with roof terraces offering sea views, to be sold to four separate buyers. Given the low budget and regulatory restrictions on ground occupancy, the architects instead proposed minimal enclosed spaces and multiple open areas in-between, within, and above, enabling the houses to be rented out separately or interconnected as a four-bedroom boutique hotel with shared spaces. The ratio of open to closed spaces is 3:1, the exterior ones including an east–west-oriented dining terrace and a summer bedroom with transparent polycarbonate cover. Intertwining spaces create gradients of privacy and scenarios for spontaneous socialisation. Sensory links - visual, acoustic, olfactory, thermal - allow their atmospheres to overlap and amplify each other. The materials reflect local lifestyles: white-painted plaster; lightweight wooden canopies and shutters; local stone and gravel for landscaping; Mediterranean plantings.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Kotor, Montenegro
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Completed 2018
288 m²
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