Slice House
Kuwait City, Kuwait

Slice House’s design addresses factors relating to privacy and multi-generational housing. The client wanted a house that could separate into two independent homes in future - for the parents, and for their son’s future family. The plot has neighbours to east and south and an alleyway along its longer northern edge. Its shorter western street frontage overlooks a community garden across the street. The house’s massing looks like a slice of cake - a triangular wedge angled to maximise privacy. The angled edge also subtly orients views, and a privacy screen at the front tip additionally provides shading while conceptually wrapping the house into itself. The main kitchen and parents’ living spaces, office, and bedroom are stacked vertically within the wedge’s wider base, and the son’s spaces in its tip. The slice occupies about half of the plot, the rest being devoted to a private garden, pool, and detached gym annexe. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Kuwait City, Kuwait
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Completed 2019
1,700 m²
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