Msheireb Downtown Masterplan
Doha, Qatar

In 2006, the Qatar Foundation commissioned a masterplan to develop a walkable and compact neighbourhood that would attract Qataris back to the Doha city centre. The overall strategic objective of the plan was to reverse the pattern of development, which had tended towards isolated land use, reliance on cars and energy-intensive buildings. The project aimed to create a walkable neighbourhood knit together by naturally cooled streets built at human scale. Set in the heart of the city, the site integrates 100 buildings in a 31-hectare area and incorporates 2.1 km of a new tram system. Buildings are arranged informally and use a contemporary Qatari approach to architecture. The integration of shaded streets, active rooftops, courtyards and terraces, and deep, layered facades, all minimise the impact of harsh sunlight and yield both internal comfort and minimise energy use. All buildings are designed to meet LEED Platinum and Gold standards.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Doha, Qatar
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Completed 2017
1,700,000 m²
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urban design and development