Tadrees Bamboo School
Karachi, Pakistan

Designed to provide free education to underprivileged street children who pick through rubbish for a living, the design brief for the School was eco-friendly, cost-effective, quick to build, and stimulating for kids, many of whom had never been in school before. But the School had to be familiar and comfortable to them - hence the use of bamboo. The whole project consists of three classrooms. Two classrooms on the elevated level are connected by a 24-foot bamboo bridge flanked by L-shaped staircases which lead to balconies on either side of the classrooms. A third classroom is on the ground level. Underneath the elevated classrooms is ample shade for children during recess and lunch. The school has been a hit for the 80 street children who have access to the brightly painted school -- as evidenced by the children’s desire to linger after classes are over.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Karachi, Pakistan
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Completed 2019
149 m²
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