Barzok Ecolodge House
Kashan, Iran

In the centre of a village located in verdant valley 30 kilometres south of Kashan, a small traditional home was acquired and refitted as a small guest house in 2010. An adjacent 200-year-old home was acquired in 2017 to provide more guest rooms on one side of a courtyard, and a kitchen, toilets, and gathering space on the other side. One side was in fair condition though the other required reconstruction of a collapsed dome; traditional materials were used throughout, especially mud-bricks that are mud-plastered on the exterior and lime-plastered inside. The interaction of guests with the villagers is encouraged, and rooms in both guest houses serve as shops for the display and sale of local handicrafts.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Kashan, Iran
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Completed 2018
85 m²
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