Luminary Education Centre
Khryug, Russian Federation

The Foundation, which works to preserve the Lezghin language and cultural heritage, needed a permanent centre.  The Luminary Centre was born with the aim of building dialogue between the rural culture of Dagestan and other regions of Russia. A lecture hall with panoramic glass glazing, a summer amphitheatre for open air classes and an observatory were erected. Unfinished buildings that had been standing on the site since 2000 were turned into the upgraded main educational building and a residence for the visitors. Buildings also included two multifunctional classrooms, an art studio, a library, the Foundation President’s office, a lecture hall, and an observatory with technical rooms. The Centre also provides educational programs, including workshops, trainings and courses, for residents of Southern Dagestan villages. More than 1000 people of different ages have attended. Teenagers, together with specialists from the creative industries, have implemented more than 25 projects.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Khryug, Russian Federation
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Completed 2018
580 m²
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