Villa Mira
Vlorë, Albania

The modest-sized plot, in a coastal residential area on the city outskirts, abuts a rocky mountain slope and is surrounded by the locality’s characteristic vegetation. The four-bedroom villa’s design offers an alternative to Albania’s generic kinetic urbanisation: it responds to its context and strives to create a healthier living environment. Forms are discreetly simplified by evaluating functional space inside and out, as well as light, contrasts, transparency, and natural elements in the techniques and materials. It is Minimalist but firm, fresh and full of vitality, with intersecting lines and surfaces and overlapping volumes. Concrete emphasises the building’s geometry and volumetric appearance, while steel and wood balance and differentiate the relationships of the volumes, lines, and weight of materials. A large atrium serves as a communal living area; bedrooms and other spaces are distributed across two floors; and various roof gardens and patios serve as outdoor lounges with some sea views. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Vlorë, Albania
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Completed 2020
353 m²
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