Urban Rehabilitation & Infrastructure Improvement
Peshawar, Pakistan

Preserving the tangible and intangible culture of Peshawar is a laudable task as it has been a crucible of culture for many years, from the ancient Gandara kings to the Persians to the Mughals to the British. The walled city, one of the oldest in South Asia, has been a trading centre between the subcontinent, Afghanistan and Central Asia for centuries. Funded by the provincial government of Khyber PakhtunKhwa, the restored route of 450 meters is considered a “pilot” project. Running from the western gate of the Gor Khatri archaeological complex to Cunningham Tower, the project consists of the rehabilitation of the street using burnt brick, vintage lights, proper wirings, maintenance of drainage, restoration of old buildings, signage, and security systems. The project encompasses 135 buildings, including a grading of the buildings themselves and the establishment of underground systems for electricity, sewerage, drainage, and water supplies.  

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Peshawar, Pakistan
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Completed 2018
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