Encore Melaka Theatre
Malacca, Malaysia

Located near the Melaka World Heritage Site, the theatre is built for an immersive performance celebrating Malaysia’s cultural richness, specifically highlighting the Baba and Nyonya ethnic groups that merged Chinese cultures with Malay ones. A 360-degree rotating 2009-seat structure is surrounded by four stages respectively offering water, a village scene, a three-tiered space, and a hydraulic platform. Wide corridors between other spaces maximise the constant breeze from the Straits of Malacca. Externally, white facade cladding of overlapping aluminium composite panels that imitate ceramic tiles is set against marine-blue walls, together representing the blue-and-white porcelain that was key to 15th-century trade between China and the Malay Peninsula. The facade is cantilevered 3 metres from the building, creating a protective skin against heavy rain and strong winds. Parabolic-curved LED panels on its top edges mimic the movement of waves. Ancillary buildings accommodate administrative premises, public car park, and a 78-room performers’ hostel.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Malacca, Malaysia
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Completed 2018
28'298 m²
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