Rehabilitation of Lycée Français Gustave Flaubert
La Marsa, Tunisia

At a five-hectare site in the La Marsa suburbs of Tunis, between the centre of town and the Mediterranean coast, the Gustave Flaubert school had educated elite students (since 1957) among vast gardens in a Mediterranean landscape. When the school had to adapt to a new influx of students in the early 2000s, the primary school (Paul Verlaine) and the secondary school (Gustave Flaubert) needed to be reorganised. After significant study and discussion, including with students, the architects reorganised the site according to new pedagogical demands. The result was a cohesion or "flow" between buildings. The new science bloc, the Zembra Pavilion, served as a centrepoint for this flow, presenting a new "logic" for the school and radiating lines to other buildings that functioned along more traditional instructional lines. Further thought was given to the orientation of the school clubs and the music hall.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

La Marsa, Tunisia
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Completed 2017
2'057 m²
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