Dandaji Regional Market
Dandaji, Niger

The village elders wanted a convenient, modern replacement for their existing market - built of low adobe walls with reed coverings, around an ancient tree. The new design holds on to the feeling of its predecessor. Compressed earth bricks were used for the stall walls, enabling integration of earth-based and contemporary construction and offering thermal comfort. A whimsical shading and ventilation mechanism, of colourful recycled metal discs mounted at different levels, brings durability to the canopy and compensates for the difficulty in growing trees here. The central tree’s immediate surroundings are formalised into a sunken public area with integrated side benches, for gathering and children’s play. Instead of the 30 enclosed stalls plus informal vending spaces required by the brief, 52 stalls were provided for the same budget; the market is already operating at full capacity. Community members actively requested training in how to maintain the structure, which was duly provided. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Dandaji, Niger
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Completed 2018
7'530 m²
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