Busajo Campus
Soddo, Ethiopia

On an 8-acre site the campus provides spaces for living, teaching, training, and sports for up to 100 street children; local eucalyptus wood is the principal structural material. A main building organised around a central courtyard provides four dormitories for 60 boys on the upper floor; the ground floor provides a kitchen and bakery, dining room, infirmary, library, and three classrooms. A single-storey courtyard building houses dormitories for 40 girls, as well as a kitchen and dining room. A separate block contains workshops for weaving, carpentry, and soap-making, and a gymnasium is located next to the outdoor sports pitches. The campus also features vegetable gardens, and structures for the directors and guardians, as well as reception and visiting areas.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Soddo, Ethiopia
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Completed 2020
3'987 m²
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