Ben Guerir, Morocco

As part of a recent edition of Solar Decathlon (a competition that challenges teams to design and build innovative one family homes exclusively powered by solar energy), students built the Sunimplant, a modular off-grid hemp house inspired by remote African regions that experience power cuts, like the Moroccan Rif. The circular design combines bioclimatic building concepts and environmental-friendly technologies that meet comfort- and energy-efficiency standards. A visitor accesses the building over a circular ramp that winds around the building (and offers a first impression of the building-s materials). The kitchen, placed on the northwest façade, has an exit that connects separately with the kitchen garden. The aerodynamic shape minimizes exposure. Privacy is achieved by openings that are inspired by Moorish architecture. The terrace is inspired by a concept of Riffian popular architecture. Twenty-four modular elements around the circular facade have been adapted for the installation of standard photovoltaic panels.  

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Ben Guerir, Morocco
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Completed 2019
142 m²
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