Himara Waterfront
Himarë, Albania

A 2015 competition invited international architecture firms to team up with local ones to explore sustainable development options on Albania’s southern coast. To avoid new hotel complexes springing up in the natural landscape, the winning proposal advocated rethinking smaller towns as a new touristic network. The team successfully proved the concept at Himarë, where a 2-metre-high flood wall had broken the connection between town and sea, beach access being limited to two or three staircases in 330 metres of coastline. They collaborated with a maritime engineer to replace the wall with a stepped plaza, spreading the wall’s height over a wider distance and thus better absorbing waves. Made of concrete using locally sourced sand and aggregate, it appears as if the beach had solidified right up to the hotels and restaurants behind. Parking is eliminated. Over 200 maritime pines planted along the high water level provide summer shade.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Himarë, Albania
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Completed 2017
10'000 m²
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