Jigiya So Rehabilitation Centre
Kati, Mali

The centre provides physical and psychological support and therapy for disabled children, and strives to attain social integration for them within the larger community. It contains rooms for rehabilitation therapy, workshops, and visitors’ spaces, as well as a gravel-paved and shaded outdoor area that is also open for use by the local community. Five pavilions are organised under a continuous roof and around patios that are shaded and planted. Construction utilises sun-dried earth blocks; the steel roof is supported on thin circular steel beams and, on interior spaces, a second plywood ceiling lies underneath to provide a well-ventilated air space. Solar panels generate electricity to operate the well, ventilation fans, lighting, and equipment.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Kati, Mali
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Completed 2015
1'400 m²
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urban design and development