Baitul Mughni Mosque Reconstruction
Lombok, Indonesia

A 6.9-magnitude earthquake in 2018 left hundreds in Lombok dead, over 400,000 displaced, and 80 percent of the area’s buildings damaged or destroyed. The architects collaborated in reconstructing the destroyed mosque as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Observing that vernacular wooden structures withstood the earthquake, they chose to learn from that tradition. Aside from the roof covering, ground-floor walls, and grand stairs, the two-storey mosque is built entirely of locally harvested coconut wood. The roof’s exterior is inspired by traditional Sasak house roofs, and its interior by that of the Bayan Beleq mosque - Lombok’s oldest. The tectonic approach elaborates from traditional detailed joints, using contemporary skills and knowledge. Local builders and community members were supervised to carry out the work. The grand stairs create an amphitheatre overlooking the plaza in front - which, like the ground-floor hall, is used for community activities. The completed mosque has withstood several earthquakes.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Lombok, Indonesia
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Completed 2020
1'487 m²
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