Khan al-Jumruk (Aleppo)
Aleppo, Syria
Al-Gumruk Khan (Customs' Khan) is situated in the heart of the old city, in midst of the major bazaars. It was built in 1574 by the Hanzade Mehmed Ibrahim Pasha as part of a larger commercial complex including a qaysariyya and two suqs. It takes on the typical characteristics of the khan type with its courtyard, commercial first floor and residential second floor.

The entrance to the khan is located in the middle of the exterior northern wall and is marked by a double height dome with muqarnas corners. The courtyard contains a prayer space with a domed roof. The lower story has shops along the exterior northern wall and around the perimeter of the interior courtyard. The second floor has larger rooms and housing units for traveling merchants.


Rihawi, Abdul Qader. Arabic Islamic Architecture in Syria, 233. Damascus: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, 1979.

Aleppo, Syria
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1574/981 AH
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خان الجمرك
Khan al-Gumruk
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