Silindokhule Preschool
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

A minimal-budget nursery in an impoverished community for 120 young children, the building contains three classrooms, an office, toilets, and a multipurpose space that serves as a canteen and community hall. The classrooms open to the north; the canteen and playground extend from the classrooms to form an enclosed courtyard. Nearly all building materials were scavenged locally. Concrete pedestals support a raised floor of recycled wood pallets, and similar pallets are used for the walls that are plastered in recycled cardboard mixed with concrete; hand-felled local eucalyptus poles supported on recycled steel beams form the insulated classroom roofs that are covered in recycled metal. The insulated wave-like roof over the canteen and playground features recycled metal frames. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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Completed 2017
220 m²
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