CMC Tower
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The aim was to offer advanced technological infrastructure while still creating a welcoming, inspiring ambiance. The client - one of the Middle East’s most successful real-estate developers - had outgrown its previous space and wanted new headquarters to provide the perfect work environment, contributing to employees’ productivity and the business’s progression. It occupies a full floor of the 12-storey building; other floors host rentable office space, simply planned for maximum flexibility. A 10-metre-high podium accommodates retail, café, fitness centre, and relaxation spaces. Respecting the important location and making the most of views, all main spaces are oriented towards Riyadh’s main business spine. Perforated aluminium panels distributed across these facades serve as modern mashrabiyas. An energy-saving RGB LED facade lighting system can convey messages and communicate emotions. The solid rear elevation avoids intrusiveness for the residential area behind. The project has become a landmark that contributes to Saudi Arabia’s vision for the district.

Source: Aga Kha Trust for Culture

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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Completed 2018
18'807 m²
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