Arcenciel Ethnopole - Taanayel Earth Constructions
Taanayel, Lebanon

Complementing a 2006 ecolodge and 2010 restaurant, a music kiosk and domed house are the newest components of the centre that focuses on the use of earth architecture. Unbaked adobe blocks are the main construction material, laid on rubble foundations covered with cement. The flat-roofed music kiosk employs juniper and poplar columns and beams as well as adobes; the two rooms of the house feature domes built from corbelled adobes. Interiors and exteriors are surfaced with clay plaster or white lime-plaster. The centre also serves as a training centre in earth construction, and job-creation for Syrian refugees was achieved whilst they contributed their expertise in traditional earth-building.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Taanayel, Lebanon
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Completed 2017
1'600 m²
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