Al Rawdah Mosque
Saham, Oman

Omani mosques typically have their main entrance on the east (opposite the Qibla direction), but this site’s east side is only a few metres from the entrances of private homes whose female residents would then have been unable to step outside during prayer times. The brief therefore required the entrance to be on the principal access road - in the Qibla direction - and clearly visible, to avoid non-local worshippers disturbing local residents on the other side. This challenge was converted into an opportunity by proposing a large entrance arch, followed by a covered arched passageway, then an unroofed passage, leading worshippers to enter the mosque itself from underneath the elegant minaret. Accommodating 1000 worshippers, the facilities comprise a main male prayer hall, smaller hall (leewan), female prayer hall, library/education centre accessible to men and women (by booking), Imam’s residence, shops, and amenities. Toilets and ablution areas are ventilated by wind towers.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Saham, Oman
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Completed 2018
1'215 m²
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