Bayt Yakan Restoration and Rehabilitation
Cairo, Egypt

Bayt Yakan, a historic courtyard house in Cairo, was abandoned in the middle of the twentieth century by the aristocratic family who lived in it. Like many other houses, decay and collapse set in. Other houses were demolished by speculators who built reinforced concrete buildings in their place. Only 24 out of 400 of the registered monuments remained. Bayt Yakan itself was further weakened by two earthquakes that hit Cairo in 1992 and 2005. Although it was in danger of "imminent collapse", a family bought the Bayt Yakan house in 2009. It went to court to change its status, stabilised and restored the house, removed rubble and garbage, and introduced a programme of community engagement. To maintain momentum, the family established an endowment supported by selling locally made products, as well as by donations from the local community, the owners and other local friends and family.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Cairo, Egypt
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Completed 2018
1'548 m²
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urban design and development