Charaani Public Stairs
Tripoli, Lebanon

The Charaani Stairs target various concerns of the locals, including social integration between the host Lebanese community and Syrian refugees, poor transportation, density of the urban fabric, the physical barrier of the Abu Ali River, and the fact that public space during the civil war was often associated with armed snipers walking up and down the steep stairs. The violent events ended in 2014, and public life in the neighbourhood resurfaced. The target of the project was a part of the upper Charaani Stairs: a small public space of 100 m2, previously used by the community for social gatherings, and 600 m2 of the public stairs, one of the main commuting routes leading to the market and the city’s historic centre. The Stairs were resurfaced, new seating areas were designed, new greenery was planted to absorb the runoff and a local artist was engaged to create a mural.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Tripoli, Lebanon
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Completed 2020
700 m²
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urban design and development