Dox Monopolio
Tangier, Morocco

This site is an abandoned tobacco factory partially occupied by the real estate development company ARBAPRO.

The factory was established by Juan March Ordinas (1884 – 1962), a Spanish businessman who monopolized tobacco trade in Morocco in the early 20th century. By the 1990s, the factory had closed and most of the property was unoccupied. ARBAPRO, Villa Welcome, and Wadi al-Makhaazin Co-Ed School now occupy the three structures at the front of the property on Avenue Oujda. In 2007, the property was inscribed on Morocco's registry of historic places.

The factory structures located behind the buildings situated directly on Avenue Oujda remain abandoned and in disrepair, including an octagonal minaret. Though more common in the north of Morocco than elsewhere, such minarets are unusual, nonetheless.


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Tangier, Morocco
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Associated Names
established 1911
Factory closure 1970
Style Periods
Variant Names
Compagnie française Internationale de Tabacs du Maroc (Tangier)
Formerly known as
ARBAPRO (Tanger)
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