Bivouac Zoran Simic Cabin
Pridvorci, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This small cabin is the first of its kind in the area, that became recently more accessible due to the development of local road infrastructure. The bivouac is located at the edge of canyon Rakitnica that runs between two mountains. At this site, striking views open over the landscape. Built with very limited resources and in difficult high-mountain conditions, the project is conceived so to expose the visitor to these views and accentuate the experience. Internal space is configured by three platforms that are simultaneously floor areas, beds, or benches. Two opposing platforms cascade towards entrance space thus enabling as much as nine visitors to sit facing each other. The outer form follows internal platforms arrangement so that the footprint of the object is reduced to the minimum and thus destructive terrain excavations. The main challenge in the construction was transportation, the military helicopter unit was engaged for the transportation of construction material to the site. The fact that one of the lead architects is an experienced mountaineer has played a crucial role in the design of the bivouac, increasing the quality of the user’s experience.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Pridvorci, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Completed 2019
18 m²
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