Consulate of Turkey
Karachi, Pakistan

One of only a handful of custom-designed diplomatic facilities in Karachi, the consulate’s design is inspired by Anatolian tradition, Turkish modernism, and Karachi’s climate. Four main structures (Secretariat, Consul General’s residence, eight-unit staff residence, utility block) and two smaller ones (gatehouse, electricity substation) are arranged around a square site. Some materials were imported from Turkey, including white Alaçati stone from the Izmir region, hand-crafted by Turkish masons for the cladding of all buildings’ lower levels plus the Secretariat’s iconic cantilevered canopy and the screen wall columns. Greyish-brown terracotta panels on the upper portions of the Secretariat and the Consul General’s residence, and louvred chocolate-brown screens used for shading and privacy, were sourced from China. Screened off from the street, the attractive outdoor space is ideal for ceremonial and social activities both day and night, with a reflecting pool, trellised canopy, pergola court, paved areas, lawns, flowerbeds, and rows of trees. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Karachi, Pakistan
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Completed 2020
7'485 m²
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