Wadi Gharba Community Centre
Wadi Gharba, Egypt

Part of a larger scheme that will also include a café, multipurpose space, market for local craftspeople and herb garden, this first phase consists of a much-needed medical clinic and a gallery showcasing the region’s culture and heritage. A key objective was to use natural materials sourced mostly from the site. Local builders were trained on site in rammed-earth construction, while already-skilled masons and labourers executed the stone parts. All elements are single storey, and the roof is made mainly of palm trunks, covered with palm fronds and mud. The result is a space built at very low cost that blends with the natural setting, fulfils the local community’s needs, empowers local workers and creates a dialogue with outsiders.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Wadi Gharba, Egypt
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Completed 2018
150 m²
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