Finland Oman School
Barka, Oman

Seeking to improve teaching and learning experiences, Oman Education Services commissioned this 1600-student-capacity school to reflect the Finnish education system - renowned for its design philosophy. Various multifunctional zones are interconnected around a central "organic" spine with a playful staircase incorporating a slide. By encouraging movement between breakout areas and learning rooms, an urge for constant learning is nurtured. Courtyards are at the heart of each block, providing natural ventilation and lighting. Main corridors are finished with ceramic tiles. Colour-coded classroom wings feature low-maintenance vinyl flooring. Breakout areas have wooden parquet or carpets, enhancing their acoustic and haptic qualities. A key aspect is having outdoor areas as active learning spaces - exceptional in Oman’s harsh climate. Their placement and shading structures allow their use throughout most of the year. Swiftly constructed of repeated design modules in steel with lightweight insulation blockwork, the school opened less than a year after design began. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Barka, Oman
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Completed 2018
16'073 m²
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