Banglore International Centre (BIC)
Bangalore, India

Founded in 2005, the BIC is a neutral, non-profit institution that seeks to enhance dialogue across cultures, religions, regions, societies, and economies. In a city that lacks public spaces, this new centre - with a 185-seat auditorium, two seminar rooms, art gallery, library, conference room, restaurant, and amphitheatre - hosts hundreds of free events every year. The spaces are orchestrated as a reflection of Louis Kahn’s idea of a "society of rooms", opening onto a generous glazed circulation spine that offers additional areas for events and congregation. A sophisticated result, visually and acoustically, was achieved on a tight budget by using traditional techniques and mostly local or recycled materials in sometimes ingenious ways. The intimate garden, for conversation or contemplation, is thickly planted with native species and irrigated with treated wastewater. The project was crowd-funded and its design evolved through extensive discussion with donors, consultants, and peer reviewers - reinforcing the dialogue/collaboration ethos. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Bangalore, India
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Completed 2019
4'400 m²
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