Vakil Metro Station
Shiraz, Iran

Located adjacent to the Vakil Bazaar, Bathhouse, and Mosque, the station is at the heart of historic Shiraz. The initial brief was solely for it to be a gateway to the old fabric, facilitating access via this added stop on an already-existing metro route. This purpose was expanded by the architect during the design process to include cultural activities such as an art gallery and events space, making it not only a place for transit but also an art-related hub. Due both to regulations requiring non-combustible material and to the proximity of historic fabric, the main structure of concrete vault, columns, and beams is faced with bricks, iron, and ceramic. The galleries are at level -1, the ticket hall and offices on level -2, and the metro platforms at level -3. The ground floor accommodates commercial premises. A first-floor coffee shop has a traditional shading structure in wood and textile. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Shiraz, Iran
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Completed 2020
2'500 m²
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