House VLHS
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Situated in the sunny Mediterranean surroundings of the rural Herzegovinian landscape and relatively close to Mostar, the House VLHS recreates spatial patterns that are inherent locally while resembling a small Herzegovinian village placed under one big roof. "Box-like" structures are scattered under the roof structure while the sloped ceiling follows the terrain. The "boxes", which host both the intimate and common spaces of the House, circle around the central atrium, forming "public" street-like corridors, markets and squares in between them. They all point to a common area where different sorts of activities take place. Observed on a smaller scale, the House is designed as a series of separate sequences. For example, the space at the entrance of an atrium features a pergola for fragrant creeping roses in accordance with Herzegovinian customs. In the same way, a multitude of different corners serve specific activities, events and moods.  

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Completed 2019
979 m²
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