Kampung in House
Cimahi, Indonesia

Inspired by the client’s previous living environment, the design aims to bring the social values of the village (kampung) into the house. Green space is key, occupying 11.3 percent of the interior. Rooms and masses are separated by voids and green spaces, but with opportunities for social interaction throughout: open railings; seating in the corridor that links the bedrooms; a relaxation net extended over the lounge area; shuttered windows facing each other across the full-height space between two bedrooms. Folding panels allow the open-plan lounge/kitchen/dining area to open up to the backyard. All spaces are naturally lit and cross-ventilated. The entrance area has intentionally "messy" textures to reflect the urban kampoong theme. Materials easily available locally were given alternative uses: corrugated roofing material for walls, steel tubes for window frames, galvanised steel for sun shading. Bricks laid vertically, requiring a special bonding technique, form a windbreaker on the front facade.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Cimahi, Indonesia
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Completed 2020
181 m²
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