Restoration of Aitchison College Building
Lahore, Pakistan

In the last 25 years, the growing needs of Aitchison College (founded in 1890) were met with new structures, but the ones left behind turned into a "necropolis of negligence". Since the Old Building, which dated from 1886, retained the architectural splendour of the colonial era, it was selected to be restored. A complete analysis was conducted to combat years of damage, including an earthquake, with a three-stage approach. The first stage involved comprehensive architectural documentation and comparative analysis based on older college records, drawings, and photographs. In the second stage, a team conducted an evaluation of damaged zones, structural concerns, and uninformed repairs. The third stage included recommendations for potential solutions. Once the analysis was done, the Old Building could be restored to its former glory. Families of skilled artisans were brought in to restore the building, including the dome and the intricate arabesque details used in the classrooms.  

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Lahore, Pakistan
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Completed 2020
2'445 m²
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