Al-Shafa Pavilions
Taif, Saudi Arabia

Three vacation pavilions are located on a 1.5-hectare site on the slopes of the Sarawat mountains. The main two-bedroom pavilion is for the owner and his family, and the other two pavilions with sleeping mezzanines are for guests. An annex to the main pavilion contains a large kitchen and staff quarters, and a separate house is provided for the site caretaker. The load-bearing walls are made from hand-cut local granite that was also used for floors, pathways, and fencing; the vaulted and domed ceilings are constructed from fired brick. The foundations and mezzanine slabs are reinforced concrete. An underground rainstorm collection tank at the lowest point of the site provides irrigation.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Taif, Saudi Arabia
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Completed 2017
800 m²
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