Rehabilitation of Ten Schools
Beirut, Lebanon

Following a massive and devastating explosion in August 2020, ten existing school buildings were rehabilitated throughout Beirut; some were housed in 19th century heritage buildings while others were recent structures from the 1950s. Each project focused on restoring the original structures while introducing more efficient spaces and materials when possible. Exterior façades and roofs were restored as well as the school interiors, including repair of arches, doors and windows, lime-plaster walls, ceilings, and tile work. The more recent buildings permitted programmatic improvements such as the provision of new classes, workshops, and student facilities. The programme began with surveys of structural damage. The limited budget, and tight calendar of only ten months for the entire project, were met successfully.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Beirut, Lebanon
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Completed 2020
18'000 m²
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urban design and development
area conservation