Jacques Chirac School Group
Rabat, Morocco

The three-storey competition-winning building contains kindergarten, primary-, middle-, and high-school classrooms for up to 1,500 students. Facilities for the younger children occupy the southern end, and those for older students are to the north; between them are support functions and common spaces including a 250-seat theatre and indoor and outdoor sports facilities on the ground floor; a large cafeteria and a library on the third floor; and offices on each level. Upper portions of the brick and poured-concrete structure are white-stuccoed; the ground floor is clad in local stone. Massing is relieved by setbacks and planted terraces; the roof is also planted and contains solar panels to generate electricity; sun-shades also help mitigate solar gain.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Rabat, Morocco
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Completed 2019
14'492 m²
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