Zero Carbon Culture Centre
Makli, Pakistan

The Zero Carbon Cultural Centre (ZC3), located in the Zero Carbon Campus, is a multipurpose bamboo marquee/hangar-like structure that uses prefabricated structural bamboo panels for walls. Because of its modular structure, two international conferences have been held here (2018 and 2019). But its most significant function is the training of artisans, supervisors, students, and others using Yasmeen Lari’s doctrine of Barefoot Social Architecture, i.e. architecture that serves community needs with a minimal environmental impact. The most notable initiative at ZC3 is the "Incubator for Social Good and Environmental Sustainability", which has been established for the specific purpose of training marginalised communities from all over Pakistan. The modular prefabricated structural bamboo panels play an important part in ZC3 training as they provide extremely resilient, strong structural wall panels that are designed to withstand floods, earthquakes and high winds. Houses made with prefabricated bamboo also encourage the poor - faced with a crisis - to enter and feel comfortable in them.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Makli, Pakistan
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Completed 2017
41 m²
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