Medina Humanisation Programme
Madinah, Saudi Arabia

When the Madinah Humanisation Programme was first conceived, it sought to improve the quality of urban life for the City’s citizens and visitors. The primary focus of the programme was to intensify human interactions in the City’s neighbourhoods by creating pedestrian-friendly streets, public squares, sidewalks and rehabilitated buildings, and providing adequate services. The projects implemented (so far) include: the development of major roads and streets, pedestrian promenades, a pedestrianised strip and the revitalisation of a boulevard; the renovation and conservation of older neighbourhoods and pedestrian-friendly streets in central areas; the (re)creation of community gardens to reinforce social interaction; and the promotion of events to revive cultural and historical traditions. The initiative has shown how the rehabilitation of buildings, improvements to the urban fabric and the revitalisation of traditional arts and crafts can provide a catalyst for social development.  

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Madinah, Saudi Arabia
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Completed 2020
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