Arc House
Sabzevar, Iran

Sabzevar is a small city that lacks public spaces and where even private yards and terraces are rare. The brief was for a family home containing separate apartments on each floor - a typical approach here. The architects instead proposed a series of hybrid spaces invested with interactive and entertainment functions, to increase the family’s shared time. Reinforcing circulation and communication, the staircase is exploded into a vertical open corridor winding its way up from the lobby through open-plan lounges, gym, and dining area. Multiple terrace-balconies are embedded in the elevations. A duplex at the top, with arched roof representing the sky, contains the family bedrooms and kitchen/dining/living space. Guest bedrooms are on lower floors, and parking and pool at ground level. The construction was carried out by local workers - including the client’s father - who were trained to use familiar materials (steel, cement, brick, gypsum) in innovative, high-quality, visually distinctive ways.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Sabzevar, Iran
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Completed 2020
850 m²
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