Kapistec Primary School
Skopje, Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of

Commissioned following a design competition in 2013, the project is intended as a symbiosis of school and park, with structures placed porously around the site and a flow of green mass between. The building is subdivided into three basic zones: the middle one for joint activities, the lateral ones for learning. Moving among these opens up different perspectives and brings nature into the school. Solid volumes contrast with transparent surfaces through which inside and outside melt together. The plan accommodates 21 classrooms, 7 specialist rooms for particular subjects, sports hall, gymnasium, botanical garden, dining room with kitchen, staff room and offices, and an inclusive daycare centre for children with cerebral palsy . All classrooms are equipped with standard school boards, projectors, and smart boards with touch functionalities to provide an interactive learning experience.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Naroden Front, Skopje, Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
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Completed 2019
12'000 m²
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