Young Women's Training Center
Kamboinsé, Burkina Faso
The village-like compund combines teaching facilities, living quarters, and agricultural activities, and makes use of local materials. The principal aspects of the programme are:
-the closed compound, accommodating about 100 persons, contains a central, open area similar to traditional villages, and comprises:
- six students' residential compounds whose enclosing walls contain three living units, a communal service facility, and a free-standing mud-brick pavilion which is the central meeting place within each cluster;
- a composition of offices, classrooms, and a weaving school, a restaurant and common sitting area, and an infirmary; and,
- within the enclosure, a great variety of public, and semi-public areas such as galleries, open courts, etc.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Kamboinsé, Burkina Faso
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Young Women's Training Center
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training center