Manzil 'Ali Afandi Labib
Cairo, Egypt
Known at one time as Maison des Arts, this Ottoman merchant's house with a facade of mashrabiya windows is notable for the artists, past and present, who have lived here, such as Beppi Martin, an orientalist painter in residence from 1910 to 1954; Muhammad Nagy, one of Egypt's pioneer modern painters, and Hasan Fathy (d. 1988), Egypt's most famous modern architect. The Aga Khan also had an apartment in the house.

The interior spaces are arranged around two small courtyards, each with numerous mashrabiyyas. The first courtyard has an ornate portal approached by steps, and the second courtyard has an antique column supporting part of the structure. The interior was remodeled in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


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Cairo, Egypt
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18th century/12th century CE
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Ali Afandi Labib House
Bayt 'Ali Afandi Labib
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