Great Mosque of Niono
Niono, Mali
Aga Khan Award Winner

Recipient of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1983.

This mud brick mosque, a great monument in the vernacular tradition, is the work of a local master mason who conceived and constructed it almost exclusively with local materials, using only workmen from Niono. The construction techniques and materials, load bearing mud brick walls and arches supporting floors and roofs of wood, matting, and earth have been used in the region for centuries. The structural module is determined by the length of wood available. Each mud brick pier supports the springing of arches in four directions. The arches in turn support the flat span of the roof. The jury commented: "The continuing existence of traditional forms -- both sophisticated and primitive -- is one of our strongest allies in retaining architectural character and cultural identity as large-scale modern industry and world-wide building models assert their presence. Hence the will and the conscious intention to continue the tradition should be commended and encouraged."

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Niono, Mali
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restoration completed 1973/1393 AH
constructed 1945-1948/1364-1367 AH
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1,980 m²
Variant Names
Grande Mosquée du Vendredi de Niono
الجامع الكبير
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