Qubba al-Amir Sudun
Cairo, Egypt
"This mausoleum is located in the Southern Cemetery just east of the Citadel, not far from al-Sultaniyya and the mausoleum of Amir Qawsun. Sudun, the amir majlis, was a commander of one thousand men and guard of the council chamber during the reign of Sutan al-Ghuri. He was a courageous soldier renowned for his equestrian skills. He met his death in 1516, at Marj Dabiq in Syria, leading the cavalry charge against the Ottoman sultan prior to his invasion of Egypt.

The tomb is a typical example of late Mamluk work: built of stone, a chevron-patterned dome, fenestration with a pattern of one round light over two arched panels, a concave-convex molding of the upper corners. In the inscription the amir is not named but his blazon indicates his office. It is typical of the more complicated blazons of the late Mamluk period, and contains in the upper field a napkin, in the middle cup bertween two 'horns of plenty', and in the lower field a cup."


Williams, Caroline. 2002. Islamic Monuments in Cairo: The Practical Guide. Cairo: American University of Cairo Press, 116.
Cairo, Egypt
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1504/910 AH
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Qubba al-Amir Sudun
Amir Sudun Mausoleum
Qubbat al-Amir Sudun
Amir Majlis Sudun Mausoleum
Sudun Emir Maglis Mausoleum
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