Darih Umm Anuk
Cairo, Egypt
Umm Anuk was the favorite wife of Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad and mother of his favorite son, Anuk. Al-Maqrizi related that "she saw more happiness than any other of the wives of Turkish [i.e., Mamluk] kings in Egypt." Her tomb was considered one of the most beautiful monuments in Cairo. It can be seen clearly from Sharia Salah Salim.

It was originally built as a khanqah with domed mausoleums to either side of the vaulted iwan. The tomb on the right has a lovely inscription of the Throne Verse (2:255) in inlaid blue, white, and green mosaic tile at the base of the ribbing. The fact that the other faience decorations of merit are also on monuments of al-Nasir's period, such as his minarets in the Citadel and the Mosque of Aslam al-Silahdar near Bab Zuwayla, is evidence of the Persian influence during this era. Also very fine, and more Persian than Cairene in feeling, are the large stucco roundels and panels decorating the iwan as well as the carved stucco arabesque patterns on the mihrab.


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Shari' al-Sultan Ahmad, Cairo, Egypt
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1348/749 AH
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Umm Anuk Mausoleum
Darih wa-Khanqah al-Amirah Tughay
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