Madrasa Ghanim al-Bahlawan
Cairo, Egypt

The mosque and minaret of Amir Ghanim al-Bahlawan were built in 1478 and the mausoleum was added in 1510. The configuration of the plan, parallel aisles lit by the lantern in the ceiling of the central aisle, became common in the Ottoman period.

The minaret's second story has undulating arabesques carved in stone, a feature which appeared earlier on the minaret of Mughulbay Taz (1468) and Timraz al-Ahmadi (1472).


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Shari' al-Surujiyya, Cairo, Egypt
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Associated Names
1478/882-883 AH, 1510/915-916 AH
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Variant Names
Amir Ghanim al-Bahlawan Funerary Complex
Madrasat Ghanim al-Bahlawan
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