Apamea Museum
Qal'at al Madiq, Syria
The 16th century caravanserai had degraded to a squatter settlement before the Directorate General of Antiquities decided to restore it in order to contain the archeological discoveries of the nearby Roman site of Apamea. The building consists of a single storey gallery wrapped around a square court with an entrance gate in the northern façade. The intervention entailed the partial excavation of the building and of a cistern centrally located in the court, the reconstruction of damaged parts and vaulted ceilings, the repaving of the court and the reorganization of the building for the display and viewing of the exhibits.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Qal'at al Madiq, Syria
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Associated Names
1531, 1982
Variant Names
Apamey Museum
Khan Afamiya
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