Zawiyya wa-Sabil Faraj ibn Barquq
Cairo, Egypt
This small Sufi establishment opposite Salih Tala'i' is noteworthy primarily for the lovely panels of inlaid polychrome stone on the exterior. The small room on the left has a very handsome wooden muqarnas ceiling. It is likely there was a originally a kuttab, but nothing of it survives. The zawiya was restored by the Comite de conservation des monuments de l'art arabe in 1923 and was moved from its original location directly fronting Bab Zuwayla to accommodate the widening of Darb al-Ahmar. The portal was also added to at this time. It was again restored by the American Research Center in Egypt in the early 2000s.


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Cairo, Egypt
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Associated Names
1400-11/803-14 AH
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Variant Names
Faraj ibn Barquq Zawiya and Sabil
Zawiyah wa-Sabil Faraj ibn Barquq
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